Flea and Tick Drops – A Savior or Killer? – continued….. 

Last months blog, “Flea and Tick Drops – A Savior or Killer?” drew so much attention. Many concurred with our stance that poison remains a poison, and whether applying to a human or animal, it has the same inherent dangers. Many offered their own horrendous stories of what prevailed after applying this poison on their pet’s neck.  

However, there were other followers of my blog who claimed that the alleged side-effects were as a result other elements not related to the application of the drops. They claimed that these drops are scientifically proven and are safe. Despite the 35000 complaints registered with the EPA in The States, they claim these testimonials are not credible and that they applied to other non related pet activity.

At the time, I had video footage links, showing the immediate negative reaction to this poison, after application, but chose not to attach the links because it was too disgusting and offensive. I, however, have collected a few local testimonials, which I believe is worth sharing. These testimonials were meant to be part of a Carte Blanch feature on the dangers of flea and tick poison, but were never featured:

“The Flea Drops Ruined my Table” – from Denise, an 80 year old Sea Point resident.   “Not so long ago I tried to apply a well known brand of flea and tick drops on the cat’s neck. Fortunately, it missed the cat’s neck and fell on my beautiful table. To my amazement, the drops started to eat away at the paint on the table and it eventually ruined my table. – I can only imagine what it does to our poor pet’s sensitive skin.”  

Our story about our cat

“One Saturday we applied Advantage to our Labrador. Three days later, on the Monday we noticed that our cat is having convulsions after licking the dog. The vet did not hold much hope for our cat surviving. Thankfully our cat pulled through after spending three days in hospital on a drip. It took another fourteen days for the cat to fully recover as he still had spasms from time to time also blurred vision  Francois  

My cat lost all the hair on her neck and back

My cat lost all the hair on her neck and back after I had applied one of those flea poison ampoules you get from the vet. The baldness wasn’t just  where the ampoule had been applied. It spread over several square inches.  It took a long time for her hair to grow back. I felt dreadful  Louise van der Merwe SA Representative: Compassion in World Farming Editor: Animal Voice 

Grant lost both cats after applying the drops.

”There were no tests done but I am convinced that the death was related to the application of the drops” Grant  

Owner of Cape Towns Top Grooming Parlour

”I am extremely upset about these flea and tick drops and I assure you that should any cat lick the product they will be dead. These toxin/poisons are not absorbed immediately into the blood stream which means that it sits on the surface for a while. This makes it very toxic and dangerous to our children and members of the family” 

These toxins are fatal  “The most serious problems are caused by systemic accumulation of toxins with horrific and often fatal consequences. We have seen horrific chemical burns from a leading flea poison ampoule, causing huge lesions that become totally necrotic. In one dog it was so bad that it developed septicemia and almost didn’t pull through. How these products were ever registered, I’ll never understand – it just proves again that there is very little in terms of law and ethics protecting animals in this country” Nesta  

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