Our pets are struggling with an array of allergies and skin disorders with no reasonable explanation given. The result is that many pet owners and vets are scampering around for a solution/explanation.

Rather than blaming the grain in food, one should be looking at the category of carbs and which are defined as refined carbs and which are deemed healthy. Almost everything we eat, fruit and veggies are carbs, and so areĀ grains.

However, just like there are poor grains/refined grains so are there nutritious grains, like whole grains, sprouted grains. What is considered as inferior nutrition are carbs/grains that have been refined and which is commonly used in pet dried foods – wheat and corn gluten, potato meal, soya meal, brewer rice, processed white rice, refined pasta, etc.

The true judge of essential ingredients and nutrients should be whether their pH rating is alkaline or acidic. You will note that refined carbs are acidic but you will also note that wholesome carbs and grains are alkaline.

Know your ingredients. Below is a list of carbs that is incredibly wholesome, incredibly nutritious. Yes, they are carbs, but essential for ones diet, human or animal. Who would refute the nutritional values from the carbs below, the same applies to grains:

Carb Vegetable Quick List



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