Paul from Vondis discusses options for healthy treats on Smile FM Radio

Treat/snacks for your pet. Why? To affirm good behaviour, to celebrate occasions, for training or just because we love them.

We love them dearly. They also deserve that tasty treat. But many treats, biscuits, snacks contain, sugar, dairy or preservatives that can lead to a variety of adverse medical conditions, most notably skin allergies.

Each one of us have that hidden talent of being a chef and it is not difficult to produce or prepare healthy snacks and treats for your pets. We had the luxury of compiling a range of health biscuits with our dear friend and celebrity chef, Jenny Morris – coconut oil biscuits, mint and rooibos, spirulina to mention but a few. But we can all produce something health and nutritious.

Here is my list of innovative snacks that are healthy and nutritious.

Hard boiled eggs, scrambled or fried

Raw carrots or slightly sautéed in butter

Apple pieces, papaya or berries

Home-made biscuits with real stock, that contains added supplements and vitamins – no dairy, or preservatives

Fatty biltong

Any raw, natural bone, except  chicken

My absolute favourite is liver biltong. It is extremely nutritious and breaks easily into small pieces.

Come-on – get creative – bring out the chef in you with your own ideas 🙂