Listeriosis…now what? How can I still feed my pet a natural, wholesome & safe diet?

Veterinarians, micro-biologists and nutritionists have for a long time warned pet owners and humans alike, never to feed raw meat (especially minced). The ultimate temperature to kill pathogens, parasites and salmonella’s is 72 degrees. That means one has to sear the meat or steam or boil it until the red colour changes to pink. This is the responsible and safe thing to do.

So before pet owners revert back to a kibble/pellet diet, which a step in the wrong direction, there are other options that are safe, nutritionally sound and convenient.

For thousands of years we have prepared home-made meal with amazing success. Granny and Grandpa will testify as to the health of our pets when we used to offer table scraps. Now, we have science behind us that allows us to prepare home-cooked food that is even more nutritious, wholesome and balanced.


In the old days, when preparing a delicious nutritious meal for the whole family, we inherently knew what to do. Maybe there was even some element of luck. But nowadays, the subject of nutrition has advanced some much, that the guidelines are now deemed to be scientific.

Therefore, certain ingredients are left to simmer on a low heat and there are some that are included totally raw. This scientific approach ensures maximum nutritional value and digestibility.

What Should be Cooked at a SimmerAll pulses and grains

Whole grains & pulses receive optimal nutritional value when cooked for a long period of time & at a simmer. In fact, the longer you slow cook these ingredients, so they convert from an acidic rating to an alkaline rating – brown rice, millet, lentils, peas, barley, wheat germ, rolled oats.

What Should be SearedAll Meat

Professor Joop Boomker, of the Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases, University of Pretoria says one only need turn meat from red to pink, to kill parasites and worms.

That said, one should be weary of over cooking meat as the protein enzymes are very sensitive to heat. Over cooking will also turn fatty meat into high glucose. The optimum core temperature that your meat should reach is 72 degrees, whether you boil, steam, braise, bake, etc.

What Should be left RawAll Green Veggies

Vegetables provide great mineral and vitamin wealth. They are also essential in producing natural antioxidants that protect us from sickness and in controlling free radicals, which is the cause of many dread diseases and general poor health.

However, vegetables are very sensitive to heat and their vitamin and mineral structure can be denatured when exposed to heat or chemicals. Therefore, it is essential to your pet’s health that the green veggies, herbs and omega 3 oils are provided in their RAW state, without being cooked.

Preparing a balanced and complete home cooked diet for your four legged companion friend will be very beneficial and nutritious. But importantly, you can rest assured that your pets diet will be scientific like any other commercial brand.

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